Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Recital Closing Procedures


  Pine Hill Congregational Church


  Dear Guests and Friends:


  In order to reduce the time demand on those members and staff who open the Church for recitals, we ask that you follow these few simple steps in leaving the Church tonight.  This process will enable our members to leave upon your arrival, and not necessitate them staying through your program.


     1.  Close piano top

       2.  Turn off lights:

                  a.  On both sides of chancel

                  b.  Near side door (near back) of sanctuary

                  c.  At main entry doors and all bathrooms.

     3.  Turn down heat or increase air if settings were changed

     4.  Pick up all papers and empty all trash. Take trash out to trash bin in north parking lot.

     5.  If Sound System was used be sure it is all in orginal settings.

      6.  Lock main doors using chuck key found in cabinet above the stove in the kitchen.  Insert key underneath the handles and, while holding crossbar down, turn key clockwise.  When bar releases fully, and a push on the door frame does not open the door, the door is locked.


Thank you very much and God bless.


  Pine Hill Congregational Church
  4160 Middlebelt Road
  West Bloomfield, MI  48323
  Phone:  248-626-2737

  Rev. Dr. Charles Packer

 Recital Fees:  $125.00/$175.00 with food (please see guidelines)

updated July 22, 2015


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