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 The Pine Log - September, 2014

Newsletter of Pine Hill Congregational Church, 4160 Middlebelt Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48323 


Minister’s Notes:     “All loving is thanksgiving for the fact that we ourselves                                                have been loved.”  The Waiting Father, by H.Thiekle


                                    “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind                                                and soul and you neighbor as yourself…”   Jesus


            And so we come to an end and to a new beginning for all of us. May we together be thankful for what lies behind and what lies ahead.   May we all have confidence and great hope in the manner in which the Spirit is always at work through the church and in each of us.


            Thanks for allowing me to be in worship with you week after week.  As Kierkegaard once said of preachers,  we are:  “to be  prompters” of engaging, listening and praying in the presence of the One who calls us to follow.  Thanks for inviting me into your lives at such important moments as birth, baptism and rites of passage, marriage; confirmation, graduations; and in times of joy,  sorrow, loss and deep grief. There is really no greater aspect of ministry, nothing like it in the world of vocations that allows us to share in these places and sacred times.


            Thanks for being open to mission and ministry in such creative ways. Allowing us to explore, lead and build relationships with those of other faith traditions. A faith that transcends a belief that whomever one is, one is a child of God. This is for me the bed rock premise of all that Jesus taught. 


            Thanks for your prayer full minds and hearts, your good will and good graces in holding up one another  as the people of faith.


            You all know by now, that when I am driving from place to place, I listen to NPR. Krista Tippett,  hosts a program on NPR entitled: “On Being” she once said this, “We will be measured, finally not by our accomplishments, our professional achievements, our academic degrees, or civic awards; we will be measured, finally, by how well we loved.”


            In gratitude, we bid you all, shalom.  Pastor Chris


Chris & Martha’s new address:  3046  Flora Lane, Wayne, MI 48184

Church address:  First Congregational Church of Wayne

                               2 Towne Square, Wayne, MI 48184

Our cell phones will remain the same.  For Martha, same email;  for Chris, use



Notes from the Moderator

September 2014


It’s been a very busy summer for me and for all of us at Pine Hill.  First and foremost was finding an Interim Minister for Pine Hill.  Many thanks to Suzi Veighey and John Zimmerman, for assisting me in this process.  We visited a sister church to hear a potential minister, we met with him and another candidate, and we have finally made our decision.  Our new Interim Minister will be The Rev. Dr. Mark Jensen, although he will not begin this position until mid October.  Until that time we will have a variety of ministers, including our own Rev. Dave Welcome.


Another huge task involves the Search Committee.  We met several times over the summer: completing the Church Information Form, designing a church survey, compiling the results of this survey, and now eagerly awaiting responses from interested ministers. (A BIG Thank You to Odell’s wife, Marvis, who graciously volunteered to mail out the surveys).  The search committee is comprised of Linda Kuopus (Co-chairman), Dave Welcome (Co-chairman), Sue Savage, Judy Salhaney, Maryann Bess, Odell Johnson, and Bill Fodor. A HUGE thank you to these dedicated individuals who have spent many hours on this committee. With God as their guide, I am confident that they will succeed in finding a perfect minister for Pine Hill.


Lastly, we had to plan “going away celebrations” for 2 very special people who will be sorely missed; Rev Chris and Martha Richards.  A Tea was held for Martha at the Pine Lake Country Club on August 20th.  There were over 30 ladies from Pine Hill in attendance and it was a huge success.  Many thanks to Jan Henzie, Gayanne Milbourne, and Linda Kuopus for planning the Tea with a special thanks to Neicie Carson for arranging Pine Lake Country Club for this event


On August 31st we will sadly say goodbye to Rev. Chris and Martha.  Much time and love was put into this event as well.  Thanks to all of you who volunteered to say a few words to Chris, and who contributed to his gift.  The love for him is evident in the contributions collected.  A special thank you to Linda Ketterer, Linda Kuopus, Sue Welcome, Gayanne Milbourne and Jan Henzie for planning and preparing this special farewell.


So as you can see, we have all been very busy at Pine Hill and will continue to be in the upcoming months until we find a permanent minister.  Pine Hill has always been a place where we work together and get things done and I am confident that with all of your help and support Pine Hill will continue to be a great place to worship.


I recently told a friend of mine about our task of finding a minister and she reminded me this decision is not ours.  This decision is in the hands of God, who is helping us and guiding us every step of the way.  It was a great reminder and a comfort to know that God is with us always.


With Gratitude,  Peggy Jenkins ,  Pine Hill Moderator


Services of Christian Faith and Memory were held for Jerry Sharpe on Tuesday, July  16, 2014. and for Eadie Harley, on Friday,  July 25, 2014.  We share our prayers and condolences  with their families and friends. Truly wonderful individuals who followed the “way” with grace and goodness!


Blessings to Kara and Steve Landstrom who were united in marriage on July 19 with Pastor Chris officiating.


Rev. Chris officiated nine memorial and funeral services over the past 2 months.





Music NOTES:    The time has come to begin and re-assemble our Chancel Choir! I can’t wait to resume our rehearsals with such a talented and wonderful group of musicians. I would like to welcome returning members and encourage new members to join! We’re very nice and we have a great time. So if you’ve ever been curious about what happens at Pine Hill on Thursday nights, come visit and see! Our first scheduled rehearsal with be Thursday, Sept. 4 at 7:30pm.  We will sing on Sunday, Sept. 7. See you then!  Lauren





SEPTEMBER   Small Group Gatherings:




      MEN’S GROUP,   Will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 6:30pm at Pine Hill.  All men are welcome to attend. We share a meal and then a time of fellowship, planning and discussion.



      WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY GROUP meets each week in member homes. The fall session is upon us!  Please speak to  Nancy Chaltron  if you have questions, or would like to sit in on a session. The Wed. group meets at 1:30pm each week.


      Cooking w/Clinton will resume soon, so look for details!


      I am My Brother’s Keeper Mission…by Wednesday, Sept 3, we should be able to begin our sorting work once again here at Pine Hill following Summer Day Camp. 



                         Trustee Meeting, Monday, Sept. 15th at 7pm.                                           Coordinating Board, Sept. 21st  after worship.


Youth --  Please check out the Pilgrim Fellowship web site for upcoming retreats!


Sunday School space will be transformed by Sept. 7th!  Speak to Sue Welcome and Leslie Lind for more information and the fall schedule!



      Special Note of Thanks:   To the landscaping crew of:  Renee’ & John Z., Kevin & Suzi V., Joyce L.,  Sue S.,  and to  Harold B ., the heat and soul of landscaping par excellence…

      Thanks to Amanda Carson for volunteering at summer camp as a counselor.   Thanks to  Sue Savage for her  leadership/dedication in sharing leadership with summer camp.  

      Thanks to the Gay, Gary, Martha, Linda, Clinton and the SA group for hosting the Fishing without Dave picnic;

      Thanks to Linda, Sue, Diane and the Benevolence/Outreach team for sharing and collecting so much for the  I’m MB’s K mission and for all the wonderful donations. Thanks to all who sorted and, shared, Peggy, Linda K, Linda K2, Molly, , Nancy, Sue, Joyce, Charlotte, Diane, Ken, Autumn, Bob, Sue W., extended family clan and friends, to Jerry and Lynn A., for their constant search to find partners in this mission.

      Musical thanks to our summer special musicians: Peggy J., flute solo;  Michelle C., solo; Suzi V., tin whistle,   Lauren Fuller, solo;  Rev. Dave, guitar, solo; Mia and Emma Yung, piano and violin; Dr. Jeff, violin; to Irena Steyman and Lauren  for their gracious and uplifting leadership each week!

      Thanks to all the Deacons for their assistance with communion, worship, etc., as well as the Blessing of the Animals Service this summer, thanks to Sue & Bill Fodor, Martha and all our beloved animals! Thanks to Tom and Cindi for keeping us on track and paying the bills on time!!!

      And finally thanks to the members of the interim and settled minister search committees and to Peggy and the church leadership for their gifts and commitment to the “Way”!







Kevin Veighey                 3

Elaine Carps                   3

Molly Hartung                5

Henry Patterson Sr.       5

Megan Shanburn            11

Emma Yung                     12

Kelsey Jo Doyle              16

David Ketterer                17

Gerd Hartung                  25

Peggy Jenkins                 27

Art Ritter                         28



 Sept. 1                                   Labor Day Holiday

2                                              Suzuki Lessons                                4pm

                                                Carpets cleaned at PH

3                                              Wednesday Bible Study                 1:30pm

4                                              Choir Reh.                                         7:30pm

5                                              Suzuki Lessons                                4pm

Sunday, Sept. 7                    Wroship/Fellowship/SS                 10am                          

8                                              Scouts                                                 7:30pm

9                                              Men’s Group                                     6:30pm

                                                Suzuki Lessons

10                                            WBS                                                    1:30pm

11                                            Choir Reh.                                         7:30pm

12                                            Suzuki Lessons                                4pm   

13                                            Concert in Sanctuary/Rental           6pm

SUNDAY, Sept. 14              Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

15                                            Trustee Meeting                               7:30pm

16                                            Suzuki Lessons                                4pm

17                                            WBS                                                    1:30pm

18                                            Choir Reh.                                         7:30pm

19                                            Suzuki Lessons                                4pm

                                                Lunch Packing  IMBK

20                                            IMBK mission                                   11am

SUNDAY, Sept. 21              Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am  

                                                Coordinating Board           

22                                            Scouts                                                 7:30pm

23                                            Suzuki Lessons

24                                            WBS                                                    1:30pm

25                                            Choir Reh.                                         7:30pm

26                                            Suzuki Lessons                                4pm

SUNDAY, Sept. 28              Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

  Mid-Summer 2014 Pine Log


Minister’s notes:     “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3: 1


            As I take my leave as your pastor, I am reminded that we’ve shared nearly seventeen years together in ministry, a number that adds up to over half my ordained ministry. As well, some of us here have known one another for over thirty-two years and for others, for just a few months. No matter  the time frame, what’s important is making connections in the faith. As a church community, relationships come easily and we have a bucket full of memories and experiences to draw upon.


            As my season of leadership here with Pine Hill winds down, Pine Hill will move forward, knowing this community has been and is blessed with great lay and clergy leadership over five decades.  I have appreciated the freedom I’ve been given to not only serve you, but the wider community as well. We are a church prone to acceptance and openness. Our doctrine is Jesus’ commandment to embrace God and others. Our manner of living is to proclaim that “we come from God, we are with God and we go to God!” 


            Indeed in God’s grace there is always a season unfolding. For that we are thankful!  Peace, Chris





            Notes from the Moderator

          July  2014


Life is a journey…it is always changing and nothing ever stays the same.  This is what we are experiencing at Pine Hill.  The news that Chris delivered to us a few weeks back has left us all very sad.  We did our best to try and convince Chris to stay, but it’s not to be. But we HAVE to respect his decision and honor his wishes. I’m sure the decision to resign was not an easy decision for Chris to make.  I’m sure that he did some soul-searching and feels that this is the right decision for him and Martha.  Because we love and respect him…we have to also support him.  Many of you have asked what triggered his decision, or you are angry at his decision.  These are all normal questions and feelings.  But the bottom line is – it doesn’t matter - because it IS HIS decision and we have to respect that.  As your moderator I want you all to know that Pine Hill will get through this and we will continue to be the special place of worship that is always has been.  The members of Pine Hill have always been there for each other, and will continue to do so.  That part is NOT changing.


So as we take these upcoming summer months to slowly say goodbye to Chris and Martha, we also have a lot of work to do.  Committees are being formed to search for an interim minister for the fall, as well as a permanent minister for Pine Hill.  We want to get your input so the Coordinating Board will put together a survey.  I trust that all of us will work together to get Pine Hill Congregational Church back on its feet.


A good friend of mine at Pine Hill told me about Joel Osteen’s sermon last Sunday.   Joel said that we put fertilizer – manure – on our gardens.  It stinks for a while but shortly the blossoms burst forth with exceptional growth.  God doesn’t waste any experience…He has us grow from them.  We don’t just go through hard times, we grow from them…out of the stinky stuff comes greater things. My friend reminded me that God is just preparing Pine Hill for being stronger than ever!


I am so thankful for all the support that I have received from each and every one of you at Pine Hill.  Together, we will get through this.



With Gratitude,


Peggy Jenkins

Pine Hill Moderator







THE SACRAMENT OF COMMUNION will be shared on Sunday, July 6 and Sunday, August 3rd.


   FISHING without DAVE will take place on Sunday, July 20 at about 1:00pm. Bring a dish to pass! As always,  you don’t need to fish to enjoy the lake,  so come and just  sit  and share in a summer afternoon of fellowship! This year Martha and Chris will host at the Holly cottage, maps and details are on the entry way table. A sign-up sheet is available!



         OUT DOOR WORSHIP and           COMMUNION note:  we will share the sacrament of communion on Sunday, August 3rd at the annual  Outdoor Worship, this year to be held at Holy Spirit Lutheran!  Holy Spirit is located right across the street from West Bloomfield High School on Orchard Lake Rd. Also, you may bring your Pine Hill offering to this service, as we will have  special “plates” available for each respective congregation!


                        Worship begins at 10 am… almost the same time as our worship is supposed to begin!!!! Hint,  Lutherans begin right at 10 am!!!!! Communion w There will be  some light refreshments following. The service will be held outside weather permitting. Chairs will be provided. Dress casual!



BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS, will be held on Saturday, August 2nd at 10 am outdoors here are Pine Hill.  Bring photos of your animals, or cats in carriers, dogs on leashes, etc., 


     The Guys and Gals Golf Outing  with the Clarkston Church, will be held on Sunday, August 17, at the Pine Knob Golf Course. Not that anyone needs to be reminded, but one Pine Hill team is defending champion. Talk to Chris if you’d like to play!


    Wednesday Bible Study meets each week at 1:30pm in various member homes. Speak with Glen Lloyd if you’d like to sit in some evening.


     SUMMER CAMP begins on Sunday, July 13 and runs thru Friday, July 18, at Camp Copneconic near Fenton, MI. Pray for good weather and an inspirational week for all! 




        BENEVOLENCE/OUTREACH NEWS:  We are still collecting shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  We need smaller shoe boxes if you have them and folks to fill the boxes.  I am My Brother’s Keeper mission sorting, packing, and serving continues through the summer months.  We don’t have space to store clothing, with the summer day camp,  please speak to Sue W. or Linda K., if you are able to make clothing donations.


                   SPECIAL MUSIC this Summer...     many thanks to the gifted people of all ages who make a joyful noise to the Lord! We have slots open. Let Lauren know  when you’d like to share some Sunday. There is a sign-up sheet in fellowship hall.

Mid-SUMMER CALENDAR   2014     


Sunday, July 6                     Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am


Mon-Fri 7-11                         Summer Imp. Camp all week

8                                              Suzuki Lessons                               4pm

9                                              Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

11                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

Sunday, July 13                   Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

                                                MCCCC Church Camp begins

Mon-Fri                                 Summer Imp. Camp all week

15                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

16                                            Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

18                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

                                                MCCCC Camp ends

19                                            IMBK mission                                  11am

Sunday,  July 20                  Woship/SS/Fellowship                  10am

                                                Picnic/fishing                                   1pm

Mon-Fri                                 Summer Imp. Camp all week

Wed., 23                                 Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

25                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

Sunday, July 27                   Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

Mon-Fri                                 Summer Imp. Camp all week

30                                            Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

Aug. 1                                    Suzuki Lessons                               4pm

2                                              Blessing of the Animals                 10am

Sunday, August 3                Outdoor Worship                            10am

                                                At Holy Spirit Lutheran

Mon-Fri                                 Summer Imp. Camp all week

5                                              Suzuki                                               4pm

6                                              Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

8                                              Suzuki                                               4pm

Sunday, 10                            Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

13                                            Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

15                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

16                                            IMBK mission                                  11am

 Sunday, 17                           Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

                                                FCC/Pine Hill Golf Tourney        12:30pm

18-22                                                                              Summer Imp Day Camp

20                                            Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

22                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

Sunday, 24                            Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

25-29                                                                              SI Day Camp

27                                            Wed. Bible Study                            1:30pm

29                                            Suzuki                                               4pm

Sunday, 31                            Worship/SS/Fellowship                 10am

                                                Rev. Chris’ last Sunday



Birthdays in July

July 2              Rev. Todd Welcome

4                          Neil Taylor

5                          Shannon Kupferer

6                          Barb Fabinak

11                            Nicole Francis

12                            Daniel George

25              Lynne George

Birthdays in  August          


Carol Chaltron                       3rd

Rev. David Welcome          3rd

Sheila Stephenson                4th

Danielle Scherr                     11th

Allison Scherr                       11th

Jim Rowan                             14th

Judy Salhaney                       23rd

Mary Ann Bess                     28th

Amanda Carson                   30th        


June 2014 Pine Log

Minister’s Notes:


“For with you is the fountain of light, in your light we see light.”  Psalm 36: 9


            I recall the story of a teacher who  took her sixth grade class on a field trip to the local art museum. She noticed three of her students who were leaning very close to a beautiful oil painting by a famous impressionist artist. The young students were perplexed by the art work and let the teacher know they  did not enjoy looking at it.


            The teacher then asked the three to walk away from the painting and stand  near the center of the large room and then gaze upon the work. What they saw from that vantage point was a gorgeous landscape, so stunning that they could not believe their eyes. What they had missed standing so close, became evident by listening to the invitation of the teacher to stand in a place where they could see what the artist had created.


            So often, our faith helps us see this lesson in life. When we are surrounded in the present moments by problems and anxieties, sometimes we are too close, and need some perspective.  Our Lord had a knack of helping people see life from a vantage point of eternity. Like the psalmist of old, when we stand back with God and reflect on his masterpiece of creation, we can say as well:

“In thy light, we shall see light!” Listen to this invitation in all things!


Peace and grace, Chris


The Sacrament of Communion will be shared on Sunday, June 1st.


Recognition of Music & CE Ministry on Sunday, June 8






Notes from The Moderator

June 2014


As I reflect on my new position, as the Pine Hill Moderator for the past 4 months, I am continually amazed how smoothly Pine Hill runs with the help of all of our members and from Pastor Chris.  Our Lenten and Easter services were as beautiful as ever.  The Pastor/Staff Review Committee has met with all 3 of our employees to sign contracts and keep the lines of communication open.  There has been nothing but praise for all 3 employees.  The new roof is almost complete, new mulch was put down, and Pine Hill is looking good as new.  The Mother’s Day Tea was a big success, thanks to so many ladies of Pine Hill who stepped up when needed.  I want to thank Dave Veighey for helping me make a smooth transition into this position, along with the many members who offered encouraging advice and helpful hints.  I look forward to my continued role as Moderator.  I encourage all of you to let me know of any concerns you may have.  Together we can continue to make Pine Hill Congregational Church a great place of worship, friendship and community.


With Gratitude,


Peggy Jenkins

Pine Hill Moderator






            Many thanks to everyone for your work in preparing the “Spring/Invite a Special Person” Dinner on Tuesday, May 20. We had a nice crowd, fantastic entertainment and wonderful food, plus really classy servers!  Slides, music and great fellowship were shared by all!  Men’s Group will reconvene in September.


Women’s Fellowship:  Kudos and hugs to all who participated in another wonderful Spring Tea a few weeks ago. Joyce expresses her thankfulness for everyone’s help and support! Special thanks to Nancy and Molly!




BENEVOLENCE/OUTREACH:  IMBK next mission will be on Saturday, June 21 at 11am. Please speak to Linda Ket., or Sue W., regarding participation and serving, packing and preparing lunches. The SI Day Camp uses the lower level all week, all summer!  Please do not bring any donated items to PH until September.  Linda and Sue will make arrangements for drop offs, etc. Thanks to the IMBK folks for their hard work in prepping the lower level and their storage area for the summer changeover.



Monday Study Group  will meet in October.


Wednesday Bible Study:  Continues to meet in the summer months!



CHRISTIAN EDUCATION:  Thanks to Martha and Sean R., for putting away all the CE items on Sunday, May 25.


REMEMBER:  Church Summer Camp will be held on  Sunday July 13 thru Friday, July 18 at Copenconic in Fenton, MI. We have camp scholarships available!


Cooking w/Clinton!  Check with the chief chef regarding CwC on Saturday, June 21  all are welcome!


Summer Special Music Sign-up sheet is located on the entry way bulletin board. Sign up or see Lauren for more information!


Lots of construction happening here at PH…new roof, added insulation, trim, new gutters and downspouts…special thanks to Dave V. for overseeing this work and to Harold and Cindi for their assistance in keeping us moving forward.


Upcoming Events:  “Fishing without Dave”  our annual summer picnic this year will be at the Holly Cottage, more details to follow.   Blessing of the Animals in early August, plus the Outdoor Ecumenical Service at Holy Spirit Lutheran the first Sunday of August. The Golf  Tourney with our sister Congo church in Clarkston will take place on the 3rd Sunday of August!


Holy Land Tour, October 27 thru November 5  will be led by Rev. Steve Schafer of our sister Congregational Church in Livonia. Details for this tour are on the bulletin board at Pine Hill.



Birthdays for June


June 1                  Suzi Veighey

4                         Nancy Burns

6                          Glen Lloyd

6                          Sara Woolfenden

7                          Henry Patterson

10                                        Liz Duvall-Campagiorni

16                                        Kaitlin Taylor

      18                    Jerry Amster

      24                    Michael Hopkins

      25                    Harold Burns

      29                    Tom Peltier

      30                    Christine Carson




June Calendar


June 1             Communion/Worship/SS/Fellowship                            10am

                        Deacon Meeting

                        Recital                                                                                                4pm

2                      Scout Tr. 1039                                                                       7:30pm

3                      Suzuki Lessons                                                                    4pm

4                      Wed. Bible Study                                                                 1:30pm

5                     Choir off for summer

                        SI Staff training  FH  all day

6                      SI Staff training FH  all day

                        Suzuki Lessons                                                                    4pm

                        Rev. Dave Reh. in Sanctuary                                              8:30pm

7                      SI Staff Training FH all day                                               

                        Rev. Dave Reh. and Recording                                         

Sunday, 8th    Worship/SS/Fellowship                                                     10am

                        Recognition of Music and CE Ministry

9                      SI Day Camp mini begins

                        Trustee Meeting                                                                   7pm

                        Sc. Troop 1039                                                                      7:30pm

10                    Suzuki Lessons                                                                    4pm

11                    Wed. Bible Study                                                                 1:30pm

13                    Recital                                                                                                6pm

14                    Recital                                                                                                1pm

                        Recital                                                                                                7pm

Sunday, 15th   Worship/SS/Fellowship                                                   10am

                        Father’s Day

                        Recital                                                                                                1:30pm

16                    SI Day Camp in full swing

17                    Suzuki Lessons                                                                    4pm

18                    Wed. Bible Study                                                                 1:30pm

                        Pine Lake Cemetery Assc. meets at PH (Sanct.)              noon

20                    IMBK Lunch making

                        Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

21                    Cooking w/Clinton  Kitchen lower level                         TBD

                        IMBK Mission                                                                      11am

Sunday, 22nd  Worship/SS/Fellowship                                                   10am

                        Baptism  noon

23                    Summer Day Camp all week                                            

25                    Wed. Bible Study                                                                 1:30pm

28                    Doris & Richard Wedding at PH                                       5pm

Sunday, 29th   Worship/SS/Fellowship                                                   10am






The Pine Log – May Edition 2014


Minister’s Notes:                      “Of Gardens and Resurrections!”

                My nephew Alec let me know that I was not the only one in the family doing the Lord’s work this past Easter.    Alec, a star football player when he’s not using his thespian talents,  played Jesus in a drama presentation for the sunrise service at his church. According to my nephew, he received   very positive feedback from the congregation for his rendition of our risen Lord on that first Easter.  When I asked why all the positive feedback, Alec replied: “Well, Uncle Chris,  it was the easiest acting gig  I’ve ever had;  man, when I bounded up out of that tomb, and ” HIGH FIVED”  the disciples, WOW, it really got everyone’s attention!”


                Now that’s a great image of God’s YES to the world!  This “YES” happened in a garden setting according to the Gospel writers.


                Speaking of gardens…


                In this unfolding spring- time season, as the earth renews before us,  to all  who dig in the earth, plant, tend and watch these small patches of earth unfold, and to all who enjoy this beauty,  a writer of faith has words of resurrection to share:


                “You will see layer upon layer, laid over and under, thick and thin, even and irregular. Like the earth, you are sturdy in some places, crumbling in others. At rest.  And restless.


                God is in the dried up, lifeless places inside you, where you do not think to look. God is in the gentle, warm sunlight.  God is in the place called barren. Stand in the place called empty, and God is there. God’s love grows where you crumble enough to give what God wants most—your earth.”   Joan Sauro, C.S. J.


                To all  who dig deep in the soil of hope in a place  where faith is born anew, thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.  From an Easter garden long ago, to a more recent Easter sunrise service,  know  the Lord of life is “high  fiving” you now and forevermore!  Peace, Chris


BUIILDING NOTE:  On Monday, May 5th, weather permitting, the redo of the entire church roof will begin. This should take about two weeks to complete.  The meetinghouse (sanctuary) roof will include the addition of a honeycomb layer of insulation with  air flow from the  eves to the roof peak,  giving us better insulation in winter and cooler temps in summer. 



Thanks to the Deacons for their leadership in all facets of preparing, sharing and coordinating the Lenten season, beginning with Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

All of our services were well attended  and the extra efforts to prepare our worship spaces was  appreciated by all. Thanks to Sue, Doris, Linda, Nancy, Dave, Jan and the entire congregation  who helped set up, prepare, serve and clean up  for Ash Wed., Community Lenten Service and Maundy Thursday. 


We appreciate our ministers of music for their dedication, humility and wonderful ways they helped lead us in worship, all year, but especially this past Lenten and Holy Week.


Choral Director,  Lauren Fuller,     Organist/Pianist, Irena Steyman                                 

Soprano                                     Alto                                          Baritone

Michelle Carson                           Sue Foder                                   Rev. Dave Welcome        

Lauren Fuller                    Cindy Hopkins                             Harold Burns               

Molly Hartung                            Joyce Lloyd                       David Munro               

Suzi Veighey                      Mary Ann Bess                            Kevin Veighey                                                                               

Trumpet – Mark Stout    Guitar, Rev. Dave Welcome & Jim Rowan; 

Violin, Emma and Dr. Jeff Yung;   Bass, Dr. Jim Gullen;  Flute, Peggy Jenkins; 





Summer Special Music sign-up sheet is coming soon. If you would like to share special music during the summer months, please speak to Lauren Fuller. Look for the sign-up sheet in fellowship hall!





Women’s Fellowship Bi-annual Spring Tea will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at 3pm here at Pine Hill.    As always, the preparations, decorations, and all the planning make for  a memorable afternoon. All the proceeds will be shared with various missions and ministries supported by Women’s Fellowship. Many thanks to Joyce and Women’s Fellowship for their efforts and hospitality extended to all!



Men’s Group will gather on Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30pm here at Pine Hill, to share our annual “Significant Other” Dinner and Program. Please speak to John Zimmerman to RSVP. 


The Men’s Group will hold their 5th annual retreat the weekend of May 4th at Hubbard Lake.  Thanks to Rev. Dave for leading and preaching on May 4th!



Memorial Day Observance will be held at Pine Lake Cemetery on Monday, May 26 at 10 am , rain or shine.

Each year, folks from the local area gather to remember our nation’s fallen, and to mark Memorial Day as a time of reflection for all those who have gone to be with the Lord. Everyone is invited to attend the Observance. Pine Lake Cemetery, is located just south of the church on Middlebelt Rd, near Lone Pine Rd. The service begins at 10 am and lasts for about ½ hour. Rev. Chris is the organizer this year.





Summer Camp will be held this year beginning Sunday July 13th and concluding on Friday, July 18th. The camp site is the YMCA Camp Copenconic, near Fenton, MI. Registration forms and informational packets are available at the church. Funding is also available, so please speak to Pastor Chris or Michelle if you need financial assistance or other details! The theme this year is: “Back to the Future!” (A Journey from our Biblical Past)


Spring Clean/Spruce –up will take place soon! We have a group of folks who enjoy this, so plan on sharing your tasks when it is convenient for you! Hint, we need to remove the inside storms in the meetinghouse and wash the windows, inside and out! 



Monday Night Study Group is currently reading the Last Week by Marcus Borg.


            The Wednesday Bible Study meets throughout the summer                    months. The group meets on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in member homes.


            BENEVOLENCE/Outreach:   I am My Brother’s Keeper Mission will take place on Sat., May 17th at 11 am. Please speak to Linda Ketterer if you’d like to make  bag lunches, on Friday, May 16th or if you’d like to share  on Saturday, May 17th.




            SEMACC Annual Meeting was hosted by FCC of Rockwood on Sunday, April 27.  Rev. Chris & Martha attended as Pastor and Delegate.  Currently, Rev. Chris serves as Immediate Past Moderator of SEMACC; Martha serves on the CE committee;  Sue Welcome serves as a member of Missions and Rev. Dave serves on the Church and Ministry committee.



Note the calendar events for May. There are many groups using the church, plus the roof redo,  check the calendar for availability.  Thanks!




CALENDAR    May 2014


May 1st           National Day of Prayer Ser.                        Noon

                        (United Methodist Church)

 2nd                  Men’s Group Retreat Hubbard Lk.           8pm

                        Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm

3rd                    Ladies Spring Tea                                       3pm


Sunday, 4      Worship/SS/Fellowship                             10am

                        Sacrament of Communion

                        Rev. Dave preaching/leading worship

                        Muslim Unity Center Open House

5                      Roof constructions begins

6th                   Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm

7th                   Wed. Bible Study                                         1:30pm

8th                   Choir Reh.                                                     7:30pm

9th                   Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm

10th                  Hindu Temple overflow parking              9am -2pm

Sunday 11th             Worship/SS/ Fellowship                            10am

                        Happy Mother’s Day!

                        Baldwin Center flowers arrive

12th                 Trustee Meeting                                           7pm

13th                 Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm               

14th                 Wed. Bible Study                                         1:30pm                      

15th                 Choir Reh.                                                     7:30pm

                        Summer Imp Staff Training all day           9 – 6pm

16th                  IMBK lunch making

17th                  IMBK Mission                                              11am

                        Kennedy Recital                                           5pm

Sunday, 18th            Worship/SS/Fellowship                             10:00am

                        Gephart Recital                                            4pm

19                    Scout Tr. 1039                                               7:30pm

20th                 Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm

                        Men’s Group SO Dinner & Program         6:30pm

21st                 Wed. Bible Study                                         1:30pm

                        Pine Lake Cemetery Assc. Meeting          noon

22nd               Choir Reh.                                                     7:30pm

Sunday, 25    Worship/SS/Fellowship                             10am

                        Memorial Day Weekend

                        Orchard School of Music Recital               1pm

26th                 Memorial Day Observance at PLC          10am

27th                 Suzuki Lessons                                            4pm

28th                 Wed. Bible Study                                         1:30pm

29th                 Choir Reh.                                                     7:30pm

31st                  SI Training                                                     8am -5pm


May Birthdays


1-                  Mary Souder

7-                  Nancy Chaltron

8-                  Kelly Budka

Charles Lind

10-        Robby Carson

11-         Fred James

11-         Darsa Coughlin

12-         John Stoddard

15-              Bob Ketterer

15-                Joyce Lloyd

15-                Gary Milbourne

16-                Steven Jenkins

17-                Chris Richards

20-                Steve Hopkins

21-                Greg Jenkins

22-                Bradley Shanburn

23-                Doris Munro

26-                Mathew Peltier

 29-        Patrick Henzie




The PINE LOG   APRIL 2014 edition


 Minister’s Notes:   “Bodies in Motion”, is  a book written by Thomas Lynch, local funeral director and  writer of a few great books I’ve read over the years.


            In one of Lynch’s essays, he writes about a distant cousin by the name of Nora, who lived in Kilkee, Ireland, in a small cottage that had been in the family for generations. After she died, Nora bequeathed the cottage to Lynch. Lynch recalled Nora saying often that life was the “same, but different.” Lynch saw the cottage in the same way, although it had been around since 1860, it now had additions, extensions, indoor plumbing and electricity! But for the most part, the cottage was “the same, but different!” 


            He wrote not only of the cottage, but also the people who lived there.  Generations ago, they would have worked the land and walked the village roads;  today the people  commute  and work in high tech industries, all however, love their home and land…”the same, but indeed different!”


             The “same, but different”  phrase can be cast closer to home, especially when it comes to what we do and share  in worship.  Worship is reflection and praise  in community. Through scriptures, hymns, quiet silence and the movement of the Spirit we reflect upon faith, wrestle with questions of meaning,  contemplate concern for others and the world and seek to act as God’s hands.


            My sense is that for most of us, we’ve come to the church from a variety of places,  but with each gathering, we understand  a little more about faith in the life of community in this particular place.  “The same, but different.”   What’s the same part?  Well, as one author worded it: “Jesus, proclaimed, cured, raised, and cleansed?” What’s the different part? Well, pretty much all of us, unique folks called to follow Jesus,   in our own manner,  led by the Spirit!  Peace, Chris










Holy Week – 2014


Palm Sunday marked the beginning of an extraordinary week in the life of Jesus. On Palm Sunday, April 13 our Chancel Choir will share a Cantata on the Passion of Jesus.  Palm Sunday is a day of palms and parades, of life moving from the thrones of well-wishers to the cries for his execution.


MAUNDY THURSDAY – “Maundy” is known in English as  the mandate of Jesus  to serve one another. It was in the Passover period that Jesus gathered his disciples together to share a  simple meal; then taking the bread and cup, the Lord’s Supper was given to us.


          On Thursday, April 17, Pine Hill will gather in fellowship hall beginning at 6:30pm.  We will be seated at tables, where we will eat together and worship; through music, reflective prayer and meditation. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (Last Supper) will be shared. This year, we will incorporate the extinguishing of candles (Tenebrae) in our Holy Week walk.



EASTER SUNDAY  -- April 20  10 am Worship     From a tragic Friday, filled with mindless madness, came an amazing surprise on the Third Day, for from an empty tomb, came the words: “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”  Easter is all about moving us away from what blocks faith, to experience the wonder of God. Paul writes: For behold a new creation, the old has passed the new has come!”  Our faith mandates us to carry those words as an anthem in our lives everyday! He is Risen! Our choir will share favorite Easter anthems, our musicians will be present and with joyful voices, we sing and praise:  “He is Risen, Christ the Lord!”  We experience resurrection every day!


          As is our tradition, the kids will look for Easter eggs following worship!



Many thanks to everyone for your help in preparing, serving and hosting the Ash Wednesday dinner and worship; Our part in the Community Lenten Soup/Service at Pine Hill will be held on Wednesday, April 9th with a brief worship to follow.







Women’s Fellowship invites you to join them on Sunday, April 6 to view the Butterfly Exhibit at the Detroit Science Center. We will meet at Pine Hill at 2pm and carpool to Detroit! There is a sign-up sheet at Pine Hill or speak to Joyce>




Men’s Group will gather on Tuesday, April 8 at 6:30pm. The Men’s Group Retreat will be held over the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd at the Lloyd Hubbard Lake Lodge.





Study Groups: The Monday Night Study Group meets on March 31 and will plot out their schedule for the spring season!


        The Wednesday Study Group now gathers at 1:30pm on Wednesdays!



BENEVOLENCE/OUTREACH:  I am My Brother’s Keeper mission will be shared on Saturday, April 19 11am until 2pm.  If you’d like to pack lunches, or serve, please speak to Linda K. or Sue W.



SUMMER CAMP will be held a little earlier this year, in July,  at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, MI.  We hope to have information to share soon!


SEMACC Annual Meeting, Sunday, April 27 at 3pm. Come and be in fellowship with other Congregational churches as we collectively share  as the body of Christ in the world!  FCC of Rockwood will host! More details to follow.


Women’s Fellowship Spring Tea will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at Pine Hill. Look for tickets soon. This is always a beautiful and welcome moment to share and relax with friends, new and old.


April Calendar 2014

April   1                      Suzuki Lessons                                           4pm

2                                  Wed. Bible Study                                        1:30pm

                                    Community Lenten Soup/Service           6:30pm

                                    Sylvan Lake Lutheran

3                                  Choir Reh.                                                    7:30pm

4                                  Suzuki Lessons                                           4pm

Sunday, April 6       Worship/SS/Fellowship                             10am

                                    Sacrament of Communion

                                    Butterfly Exhibit                                          2pm

7                                  Trustee Meeting                                          7pm

                                    Scouts                                                                        7:30pm

8                                  Men’s Group Gathering/Dinner              6:30pm


9                                  Wed. Bible Study                                        1:30pm

                                    Pine Hill hosts Community Lenten

                                    Soup/Service                                                6:30pm

10                                Choir Reh.                                                    7:30pm

11                                Suzuki                                                           4pm

Sunday, April 13     Palm Sunday Worship/Cantata                10am

14                                Scouts                                                                        7:30pm

15                                Suzuki                                                           4pm

                                    Set-up MT Fellowship Halls

16                                Pine Lake Cemetery Assoc. Meeting       noon

                                    Wed. Bible Study                                        1:30pm

17                                Maundy Thursday Dinner/Serv.             6:30pm

18                                IMBK Lunch packing

19                                IMBK mission                                              11am

Sunday, April 20     Easter Sunday Celebration                       10am

                                    Egg Hunt!

21                                Scouts                                                                        7:30pm

22                                Suzuki                                                           4pm

23                                Wed. Bible Study                                        1:30pm

24                                Choir Reh. (Off)

27                                Worship/SS/Fellowship                             10am

                                    SEMACC Annual Meeting

                                    FCC of Rockwood                                       3pm

28                                MNS Group                                                 7pm

29                                Suzuki                                                           4pm

30                                Wed Bible Study                                         1:30pm




2            Dave Veighey

3            Archie Wyatt

8             Mitchell Salhaney

10      Debbie Wyatt

13     Nitsa Stoddard

    16     Dave Munro

    17     Linda Kuopus

    18     Dave Woolfenden

    25     Mia Yung

    26     Nicole Yung

    28     Tavis Veighey 





The Pine Log – March 2014


Minister’s Notes:                        “This Season Called Lent”


            “Come apart, so you don’t come apart”!  Words written  by Lenoard Sweet about Jesus’ inclination to come apart, so as not to come apart.  In many ways, for Jesus, when the world got to be too stress full, he takes off and heads to a mountain, or the wilderness, or a garden or a lake. Rather than take out his stress on others, he let it go, in places where he was alone with God.  We rarely think of our Lord being overwhelmed by life. But more often than not, he retreated, to find peace, that he might reengage with the world. Cleary, as the scriptures in Mark tells us, he invited us to do the same!


            The word  Lent, literally means “lengthening days” in English.  It is a period of time for reflection and turning to God.  It points us in the direction of springtime, or new birth. From a religious perspective, Lent points us toward Easter. When we think of Easter, then, we ponder the mystery of God. And when we ponder the mystery of God, then we often do so when we are stopped long enough to really listen.


            So, allow these lengthening of days to point you in the direction of Easter.

Let the light of Easter shine through you, by giving your self doubts, angers, worries, stresses or whatever to God. Give it up, as you take it up with God.  Gather with God in silence, but then surround yourself with others in fellowship. Come apart, so you don’t come apart!  For the time being, and take advantage of Lent…and ponder what Lent points toward…a love that went all the way to the cross in order to arrive at the miracle of Easter morning.  Peace, Chris












                                     Community Lenten Soup and Bread Meals

                                                   and Worship

            As is our tradition, Pine Hill joins with four other faith communities in hosting one of the Wednesday evening Lenten dinners and worship. Each week, we gather at the following churches at 6:30pm to share a soup/bread meal, followed by a brief time of worship.


            The schedule is as follows:

            Mar.  12    West Bloomfield United Methodist Church

                                    Located on Walnut Lake Rd., just west of Orchard                                       Lake Rd.

            Mar. 19     Prince of Peace, Catholic Church

                                    Located on Walnut Lake Rd., just west of the UMC

            Mar. 26     Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

                                    Located on Orchard Lake Rd., across the street from                                              the High School

            April 2      Sylvan Lake Lutheran and Advent Episcopal             

                                    Located next to the CVS on Orchard Lake Rd.

            April 9      Pine Hill will host.



Many thanks to the Deacons for providing our Ash Wednesday Soup Meal on the 5th. We shared our Lenten beginning by meditating upon the scriptures Jesus knew and focused on the healing/restoring power of clay, water, oil and ashes.




Men’s Group will meet on Tuesday, March 11 at 6:30pm all men are welcome to attend. We gather for dinner and a brief meeting/program.




Sunday School/youth News News

              Youth News:  State PF retreat hosted by North Congregational Church in Farmington hills, theme: “Behind our Hymns”  March 7 – 9!




Wednesday  Bible Study meets at 1:30pm on Wednesdays, in member homes.


Monday Night Study group will begin a new series soon, working through Jesus’ final week (Passion Week). If you’d like to join us, speak to Pastor Chris. We resume on Monday, March 24 at 7pm.




I am My Brother’s Keeper Mission will be shared on Saturday, March 15, at 11 am. Speak to Sue W. or Linda K. if you’d like to volunteer.  Many thanks to everyone for your generosity and time in caring and compassionate service! 


Also, the Benevolence and Outreach Committee will be meeting soon to look at a new mission in our community sharing backpacks for students in the local schools! More details to follow!


Rev. Chris, Curt Carson and Amanda participated in the NOLA mission a week ago in St. Bernard Parish.  Twenty –two volunteers from SEMACC churches shared this year in the rehab/rebuilding efforts. To date, the group we work with, St. Bernard Project has completed homes for 527 families since 2007!





Upcoming Services and Events:

        Palm Sunday Cantata, April 13

        Maundy Thursday Dinner/Service, April 17

        East Sunday, April 20

        Men’s Retreat, Hubbard Lake, April 26 – 27

        Women’s Fellowship Spring Tea, Sat., May 3 at Pine Hill



March    2014


Sunday, Mar. 2     Communion Sunday/SS/Fellowship          10am

                                    Recital                                                                        1:30pm

3                                  Scout Troop                                                             7:30pm

4                                  Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

5                                  Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

                                    ASH WEDNESDAY Dinner/Service                    6:30pm

6                                  Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

7                                  PF Retreat/North Church

                                    Suzuki                                                                                    4pm                                                               

Sunday, Mar. 9     Worship/SS/Fellowship                                  1oam

                                    Recital                                                                        2:30pm

10                                Trustee Meeting                                                      7pm

                                    Scouts                                                                                    7:30pm

11                                 Men’s Group                                                             6:30pm


12                                Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

                                    Community Lenten Ser. At UMC                         6:30pm

13                                Wedding Reh.                                                           6pm

                                    Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

14                                IMBK Lunch packing                                             

                                    Wedding                                                                    7pm

15                                IMBK Mission                                                          11am


Sunday, Mar. 16   Worship/SS/Fellowship                                  10am

                                    Coordinating Board

17                                Scouts                                                                        7:30pm

18                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

19                                Pine Lake Cemetery Assc.                                      noon              

                                    Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm                                               Community Lenten/Soup/Service at Prince of

                                    Peace Catholic Church                                           6:30pm

20                               Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

21                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm


Sunday, Mar.23    Worship/SS/Fellowship                                  10am


24                                Monday Night Study                                               7pm

25                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

26                                Wed.Bible Study                                                      1:30pm

                                    Community Lenten Soup/Service at Holy

                                    Spirit Lutheran Church                                         6:30pm

27                                Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

28                               Suzuki                                                                                    4pm


Sunday, Mar. 30  Worship/SS/Fellowship                                  10am

                                    Recital                                                                        4:00pm

31                                Monday Study Group                                             7pm

                                    Scouts                                                                                    7:30




MARCH Birthdays


4th        Leslie Lind

6th        Lucas Munro

9th        Michelle Carson

18th      Lucille Richards

18th      Mike Salhaney

23rd     Alex Shanburn

26th     Stephen Woolfenden

29th     Karen Teberian

30th     Odell Johnson





The Pine Log   February 2014


Minister’s Notes:             “Consider the birds of the air…”


            With winter  nearly half over, most  Americans have come to understand what a polar vortex is (extreme cold temperatures driven south from the Arctic) and most can’t wait for spring. These bitter cold days have made me more sensitive to the birds that depend upon our feeder in the back yard. We fill the feeder before daybreak, at lunchtime and then before dark. Hearing the chirping birds in the early morning, Stanley, our adopted cat waits by the kitchen door then races out onto the back screened in porch, scans the horizon,  then turns and wants back in. Even the cat thinks this weather is for the birds!


              I am amazed at how birds survive the winter season. Interestingly, birds don’t turn their backs to the bitter cold wind; rather they face the wind head on.  With all the limitations winter brings,  birds  are outfitted in an amazing way. And in the midst of winter, we still hear them singing.


            Each of us has our limitations and all of us face or will face seasons that stretch us.  Harold Kohn wrote years ago that for him, one of his most cherished companions was the black-capped chickadee. Right in the midst of winter, while he hiked the northern trails near his home, the birds could be heard chanting in the woods, a sign of hope. For Kohn, this affirmed his faith and conviction that the Creator made the chickadee not only with an inner warmth but an outer covering that defies the cold and wintery storm.


            Jesus walked amid the world around him, noting the magnificent ways creation speaks of a God who is with us, in all seasons of our lives.  For we have been outfitted as well to face the wind and to lean into the Spirit.  Peace, Chris



The Sacrament of Communion will be shared on Sunday, Feb. 2nd during morning worship.





Prayers and condolences to the Elaine Carp’s family on the loss of son Bill. Services were held at Sawyer Fuller Funeral Home with Rev. Chris officiating. Elaine  and family extend their love to all for your prayers, cards and thoughts.


Upcoming Events/Special Services:


            Men’s Group will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6:30pm.


            Southeastern Michigan Association, New Orleans Mission (NOLA) will take place from Sunday, Feb. 23 thru Friday, Feb. 28.  Rev. Chris, Curt & Amanda Carson will participate from Pine Hill this year.  This is our 7th year working with our sister churches in New Orleans, following the Katrina disaster in 2005. Pine Hill was one of four churches to begin this yearly mission.


            ASH WEDNESDAY will be observed on Wed., March 5 at 6:30pm with a dinner in fellowship hall followed by worship at 7:30pm. There will be a sign up. The Deacons will provide the soup and bread. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.


               Community Lenten Soup and Bread Meals

                                     and Worship


                As is our tradition, Pine Hill joins with four other faith communities in hosting one of the Wednesday evening Lenten dinners and worship. Each week, we gather at the following churches at 6:30pm to share a meal, followed by a ½ hour worship.


                The schedule to date is as follows:


                Wednesday, March 12              United Methodist Church

                Wed, March 19                              Pine Hill

                Wed., Mar. 26                                 Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

                Wed., April 2                                   Sylvan Lake Lutheran Church

                Wed., April 12                                                Host to be determined



Bistro with Bev will be held on Saturday, March 8th at 7pm here at Pine Hill. This is always a great evening of entertainment and fun, plus great food! Invite your friends and family, seating is limited!




Sunday School News, Now sharing the parables and miracles of Jesus!



Wednesday  Bible Study group meets each Wednesday and they have a new time: 1:30pm!  Speak to Glen or Nancy regarding more information!


Monday night Study group will resume meeting on Monday, March 3rd and continue through the Lenten season.




The 2014 Pine Hill Directory is available. Please take a copy for your family.




BENEVOLENCE/Outreach News: 

            The next mission to IMBK will be shared on Saturday, February 15, at 11 am.  Lunch making will take place on Friday, at Pine Hill; speak to Linda K. for details! Many thanks for all the sorting done this past week and for the wonderful donations from Costco, Hillers, Kirkland, Heatmax and others all in the past month!  Note also, our circle of volunteers continues to grow, as folks invite their friends to join in this good work.


THANKS  A BUNCH!   To the Pine Hill Trio (Dr. Jeff, Irena and Matt) for the fantastic evening of Chamber music on Saturday, Jan. 18th; as well, thanks to Lauren for her Puccini piece along with Broadway tunes and Rev. Dave for his folk music! Great turnout on a snowy evening, surrounded by warmth, delicious food and great company!  The free will offering will be shared with the music ministry.


Thanks to Linda K., Martha, Chris, Haley and Will for helping to make the United We Walk MLK Jr. Community Dinner at the High School go so well!  We fed over 300 + on Sunday, Jan. 19th and then we  donated all the left –overs to Grace Centers of Hope that night! Big hugs to Clinton and Linda for making homemade soup for IMBK that weekend!!!!!!


Thanks to all our dedicated ministers of food, hospitality, teaching, worship, music, compassion and leadership. Special thanks to Dave Veighey who led us these past two years as Moderator!



February Calendar   2014


Sunday, Feb. 2      Communion Sunday/SS/Fellowship                      10am

                                    Deacon Meeting

3                                  Scout Troop                                                              7:30pm

4                                  Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

5                                  Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

6                                  Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

7                                  Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

Sunday, Feb. 9      Worship/SS/Fellowship                                              1oam

                                    Staff Committee

10                                Trustee Meeting                                                      7pm

                                    Scouts                                                                                    7:30pm

11                                 Men’s Group                                                             6:30pm


12                                Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

13                                Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

14                                Valentine’s Day! 

                                    IMBK lunch packing

                                    Pastor Chris on vacation

                                    Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

15                                IMBK mission                                                          11am

Sunday, Feb. 16    Worship/SS/Fellowship                                              10am

                                    Coordinating Board (TBD)

17                                Scouts                                                                        7:30pm

18                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

19                                Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

20                               Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

21                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

Sunday, Feb.23     Worship/SS/Fellowship                                              10am

                                    SEMACC NOLA Mission all week

24                                Scouts                                                                                    7pm

25                                Suzuki                                                                                    4pm

26                                Wed. Bible Study                                                     1:30pm

27                                Choir Reh.                                                                 7:30pm

28                               Suzuki                                                                                    4pm



February Birthdays

1st         Curt Carson

1st         Caren Peltier

12th      Debbie Hartung

28th     Aulora Rodriguez




Copies of the Annual Report are available in fellowship hall.  Thanks to Jan Henzie for typing and collating the booklet!




The Pine Log – January 2014


Minister’s Reflection                       “Rise, shine for your light has come”  Is. 60: 1


            I am writing this on New Year’s Day, so,  first,  Happy New Year and blessings as we enter the year 2014! As well, many thanks to everyone for sharing your presence, gifts, leadership and talents as the body of Christ  during  Advent/Christmas this December past.    Remember, the Deacons of Pine Hill invite you all to “take down” the greens  after worship, on Sunday, Jan. 5!  We will share the sacrament of communion on the 5th. Soon we enter the season of Epiphany.


             The message of  Epiphany, when after Christmas,  Magi from as far away as Persia, Babylon and Arabia come to see for themselves what God was up to in a small town. These magi were people of relentless hope, for they got up, got going and  followed the signs of the heavens. I say this because they did not resign themselves to their place in history; rather, they walked into the future with hope!  As 2014 unfolds, remember, “Arise and shine, for your light has come!”  May your faces shine bright reflecting the star light of Bethlehem.  Peace, Chris



CALL TO THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PINE HILL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH    Sunday, January 26 following morning worship. All members and friends are encouraged to attend. The Annual Meeting is an integral part of the congregational tradition, in which the congregation is asked to share in the review and planning of church mission and ministry. Boards and committees share reports as well as budget recommendations.


If you have not sent Dave Veighey your annual report, now would be a good time to do so!



Sunday School begins a new series this month, on Jesus’ miracles and parables.

 Many thanks to our young people and children   for their work and presentation of  the Nativity on Dec. 22nd!

Readers: Danielle, Aulora, Josh K., Will, Mitchell, & Jake

Cast: Nick K., Samantha K., Hayley, Joanna, Rebecca, Alex, Calvin (as baby Jesus), Mila, Raegan, Phil, Josh, Max, Emma, Mia, Missy, & Maggie.

Musicians: Mia, piano; Emma, violin; Mark, trumpet; Duet, “The Wise Girls”, Missy & Maggie; Irena, piano; Chancel Choir, & Lauren, directing

Directors, Martha, Leslie & Michelle; screenplay, Pastor Chris


MUSIC MINISTRY:  We express our appreciation and thankfulness to Megan Higle for her leadership since coming to Pine Hill as Choral Director in March of 2010. We wish her Godspeed and grace. Anticipating her departure, following her husband’s call to Plymouth Congregational Church in Lansing,   Megan began mentoring Lauren Fuller in September of 2013, to direct the Chancel Choir and music ministry.  We now welcome Lauren as the Interim Choir Director!


Thanks to our Chancel Choir: Suzi Veighey, Sue Fodor, Kevin Veighey, Michelle Carson, Harold Burns, Dave Munro, Cindi Hopkins, Joyce Lloyd, Molly Hartung, Rev. Dave Welcome, Andy Lawrence, Lauren Fuller, Alex Lawrence

Musicians: Peggy Jenkins, flute, Dr. Jim Gullen, bass; Dr. Jeff Yung, violin, Mark Stout, trumpet, Emma Yung, violin, Mia Yung, piano, Rev. Dave, guitar, Irena, organ/piano

Soloists:   Maggie Morgan, Missy Morgan, Lauren Fuller, Andy Lawrence, Joyce Lloyd




BENEVOLENCE/OUTREACH NEWS:  We adopted 22 young people through the Judson Center in December.   Gift Boxes from Christmas In July, were sent to Samaritan’s Purse on December 1st.  Also, our Christmas special offering to date is $1,000, to be shared with the IMBK lunch mission. Linda, Diane & Sue say “thanks”!


            The Benevolence/Outreach committee also thanks the crew from Pine Hill who served on Sunday, Dec. 22 at the Baldwin Center and the folks who served on Sat., Dec. 21st with IMBK mission in Detroit, lunch makers and the “procurement dept.” for all the donations of time and clothing items!




SOCIAL ACTION/MUSIC:   “The Pine Hill Trio” will be performing on Saturday, Jan. 18, at 7pm here at Pine Hill. Irena, Dr. Jeff & Matt, “the Trio” will be our featured performers! Social Action will provide the reception following. A good will offering will be shared. Invite your family and friends!


Upcoming…”Bistro with Bev” Saturday, March 8th at 7pm, Pine Hill



MEN’S GROUP:  Meets on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 6:30pm here at Pine Hill. We begin with a meal, then share in some planning/overview.


Study Groups will resume soon. Check with Nancy Chaltron or Glen regarding the Wed. Bible Study and Pastor Chris,  the Monday Study Group.


On Sunday, Jan. 19th, United We Walk MLK Jr. Celebration begins at 3pm at the West Bloomfield High School.  Pastor Chris is one of four adult co-chairs this year. Our own special “ministers of food”, Linda K., Martha R. and Gay M. will  be assisting in coordinating the “free” dinner following the event.  All are welcome.


PF Winter Retreat (grades 9 – 12) will be held the weekend of Jan. 17-19 at Arbor Grove Congregational Church in Jackson. Please speak to Michelle Carson if you’d like to attend. Registration forms are at the church.


2014 Pine Hill Directory will be available on Sunday, Jan. 25.


Parish Notes: Blessings and grace to Calvin & Harper Marie who received the Sacrament of Baptism, Calvin Budka, Dec. 1  and  Harper Marie Gray, Dec. 22.

Wedding: Blessings and congratulations to  Patrick Henzie & Danielle Walker, who were united in marriage on Dec. 28.


Pine Hill received a generous (anonymous)  gift of $5000  designated for the fire suppression systems over the stoves.


            January Birthdays!


            Jan 4th              Nancy Scherr

            12th                  Cindi Hopkins

            15th                  Sue Savage

            15th                  Will Savage

            18th                  Owen Veighey

            18th                  Josh Salhaney

            21st                  David Souder

            21st                  Will Rodriquez

            28th                  Mike Henzie

            28th                  Bill Falberg

            31st                  Heather Peltier


January Calendar

1                                                  Happy New Year!

Sunday, 5             Worship/SS/F                                     10am

                              Sacrament of Communion

                              Take down the “greens”

6                            Trustee Meeting                                 7pm

                              Scouts                                     7:30pm

7                            Suzuki Lessons                       4pm

8                            Check on WBS

9                            Choir Reh.                              7:30pm

10                          Suzuki                                     4pm

Sunday, 12                       Worship/SS/F                         10am

13                          Scouts

14                          Men’s Group                          6:30pm


15                          Wed. Bible Study                    7:30pm

16                          Choir Reh.                              7:30pm

17                          IMBK Lunches


                              PF Winter Retreat

18                          IMBK Mission                         11am

                              Pine Hill Trio Concert                        7pm

Sunday, 19                       Worship/SS/F                         10am

                              United We Walk MLK JR      3pm

20                                                    MLK Jr Day

21                                                    Suzuki                                     4pm

22                                                    Wed Bible Study                     7:30pm

23                                                    Choir Reh.                              7:30pm

24                                                    Suzuki                                     4pm

Sunday, 26                       Worship/SS/F                         10am

                              Annual Meeting

27                          Scouts                                     7:30pm

28                          Suzuki                                     4pm

29                          Wed. Bible Study                    7:30pm


30                          Choir Reh.                              7:30pm

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